Monday, 24 May 2021

Take Me Home Tonight by Morgan Matson

If the movies Ferris Bueller's Day Off and Adventures in Babysitting had a book baby, it would be Take Me Home Tonight by Morgan Matson.

Best friends and high school seniors, Kat and Stevie, sneak away to spend the evening in New York City. The plan: dinner and a show. What could go wrong? It turns out... a lot, especially when neither of them have their cell phone.

This is my first Morgan Matson book, and I quite enjoyed it! Matson's writing is bright and engaging. Take Me Home Tonight is a sweet story of friendship. Through meeting a fun cast of characters, and navigating a number of unforeseen challenges in one evening, Kat and Stevie discover what matters most as they begin to think about the next chapter of their lives.

Even with a plot hole or two, Take Me Home Tonight is such a fun read, and I would recommend it to any adult or teen looking for a light-hearted tale. I know those are the books to which I've been gravitating lately. It also made me excited to travel to NYC again one day!

Thank you to Simon and Schuster Canada for sending this copy my way.


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