Sunday, 27 December 2020

Our Darkest Night by Jennifer Robson - Book Review and Announcement


One of my favourite authors, Jennifer Robson, is kicking 2021 off with her newest release, and I cannot wait for you to get your hands on this novel when it releases on January 5th.

Our Darkest Night is a story of Italy and the second world war. To escape the Holocaust, a young Jewish woman must pose as a Christian farmer's wife. What follows is the epic tale of Nina and Nico as they navigate love, loss, sacrifice, and hope.

It's easy to mark D-Day as the "end" of the war, but Our Darkest Night is a powerful reminder that for many places in Europe, and especially in Italy, D-Day was merely the beginning of the end, and that numerous horrors continued for months while people waited for the Allies to arrive.

Our Darkest Night reminded me somewhat of Jennifer Robson's earlier novels, but it also just felt like so much more. More depth, more emotion, more real, more everything. 

I was moved to tears thinking of the suffering, humiliation, and overwhelming difficulties that many Jewish people faced during that time. Yet, through the sympathetic characters and their engaging, suspenseful journey, Jennifer Robson finds a way to keep hope alive. The landscape of Italy and the timing of the novel craft a unique story, unlike other WWII novels I've read in the past. And by the end, my heart was pounding and full of emotion for Nina and Nico. 

After you finish reading, be sure to hop over to Jennifer Robson's website where she has posted maps and research photos that bring to life the characters and villages from her novel.

Want even more?! Jennifer Robson will be my guest for an Instagram Live event on January 7th, 2021 to chat about her book. You can check out the event at 7:30pm on our Instagram pages @jennbairos and @authorjenniferrobson.


Disclaimer - Thank you to Harper Collins Canada for sending me this copy of Our Darkest Night to enjoy.

Wednesday, 2 December 2020

Friendsgiving by Shoshana Stopek

Looking for the perfect gift for your Friends-loving friend? I definitely recommend Friends Friendsgiving by Shoshana Stopek.

This book is divided into three parts.

Part 1: The Recipes

This section includes all of your favourite Friends recipes: Nestlé Toulouse Brown Butter Chocolate Chip Cookies, Joey's Meatball Sub, the Moist Maker and more!

Part 2: The Entertainment Guide

This section is full of all the tips and tricks you need to prepare for your dinner and includes the ultimate Friends-themed playlist with all of the hit songs heard on the show.

Part 3: The Activities

This might have been my favourite section of the book! If you are looking for Friends-themed games to play, this is the book to check out. My friend and I slayed the A to Z Challenge (can you come up with Friends-themed references for each letter of the alphabet?), and we also had fun with the game Would You Rather....With Friends.

Full of photos from the show along with Friends foodie quotes, this book is a ton of fun to read. So, whether you plan a Zoom Friends-themed gathering or simply a Zoom gathering of friends, there are plenty of ideas in Friends Friendsgiving to get you started.

Want a taste of the Would You Rather game? Answer below!

Would you rather....
- Eat a slice of Rachel's trifle...or drink the fat?
- Have to wear super-tight leather pants all day...or seven layers of clothing all day?
- Ask a friend to pee on your jellyfish sting...or be asked to pee on a friend's jellyfish sting?


Disclaimer - Thank you to HBG Canada for sending a complementary copy of Friendgiving my way to review.