Sunday, 4 October 2020

Blazewrath Games by Amparo Ortiz


Blazewrath Games is the debut YA fantasy novel from Amparo Ortiz. I would describe it as Quidditich meeting the Hunger Games with a generous dose of dragons.

When Lana Torres has the opportunity to participate in the dangerous, but internationally popular, Blazewrath Games, she knows she should feel as though it is a dream come true. She's always wanted to play for her home country of Puerto Rico. However, when the Sire - a dragon cursed into human form - starts attacking dragon sanctuaries, the tournament is in jeopardy.

Blazewrath Games is engaging right from the beginning. Lana is an easy protagonist to like, and I found all of the character arcs in this novel to be believable. It's rare for me to find a YA novel I enjoy that doesn't have a romance as part of the central story, but the characters are interesting enough and the sport of Blazewrath is fascinating enough, that the plot can focus on Lana's journey.

The ending is satisfying but also hints at what will continue in the second part of the duology.

I love how the author weaves her own culture into the story so you truly feel that it is a Puerto Rican fantasy, which I have never read before. A POC #ownvoices novel with plenty of LGBTQ+ rep....more like this please!

Blazewrath Games is out October 6, 2020 from your favourite bookseller!


Disclaimer - Thank you to the Canadian Manda Group for sending this copy my way.

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