Friday, 21 August 2020

Non-Cheesy Anniversary Gifts for Years 6-10

One of the most popular posts of all time is my list of Non-Cheesy Anniversary Gift Ideas for the First Five Years.

Now that we've made it through another five (actually 6, but that's how late I am with this), I thought it was time for the next instalment. If you're looking for either traditional or modern gift ideas for wedding anniversaries 6-10, here are some suggestions!

Sixth Anniversary:  Candy, iron, or wood

*Sugarfina is the very best candy, so I'm always a fan of Sugarfina candy gifts. 
* I also love distressed wooden frames, and they make beautiful gifts. I bought a frame similar to this one and put in two pictures: one of Rob and Seb lying down together and one of Rob and his dad lying down together.
*You can find more "wood" ideas in the original 1-5 post because wood is also one of the suggestions for your fifth anniversary.
*I couldn't come up with anything meaningful for iron, but we definitely joked about stocking up on my iron supplements because #adulting.

Seventh anniversary: Wool, copper, or desk sets

*Rob definitely won the creativity award when he gifted me books with the words wool and copper in the titles. (Copper Sun by Sharon M. Draper and Wool by Hugh Howey)
*I, however, gifted him a nice, though possibly boring, merino wool sweater.

Eighth anniversary: Bronze, pottery, linen, or lace

*Comfortable lace lingerie is a gift you can both enjoy! My favourites are the Belle Epoque Lace T-Back Chemise from Fleur't and/or the Panty by Post subscription box (they run small, but they are super cute!)
* For a bronze option, this engraved bronze bottle opener is a nice, useful custom gift.

Ninth anniversary: pottery, willow, or leather

* A pottery lesson à la Demi More in Ghost is fun, but we learned that it is also a ton of hard work!
* I gifted Rob a large leather bound sketch book for his design and coding ideas, and he really liked it. (similar)
*Find more leather ideas from the third anniversary section here.

Tenth anniversary: Tin or diamond jewelry

* We had some family pictures done earlier in the year, so I took one of my favourites and had it printed and framed in tin for his desk at work.
*Entirely for fun, I put the picture with this video game/anniversary themed t-shirt I was certain my retro-loving husband would appreciate. I later learned that, while he thought it was a nice shirt when I gave it to him, it took him three and a half months to realize that the level 10 on the shirt was referring to our anniversary! 
*Leading up to our tenth anniversary, I dropped regular, not at all subtle hints that I wasn't super interested in a tin anniversary gift. Rob came through with this delicate and gorgeous diamond bracelet from Tiffany that I wear regularly.

There you go! I hope that's helpful. Do you have any ideas you'd add?

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