Thursday, 6 December 2018

One Day in December by Josie Silver - Book Review

Guys, I wanted to love this book. It is a @northernlightsreads book club pick, a Reese Witherspoon book club pick, a Book of the Month December selection, and it is very highly rated on Goodreads.

One Day in December begins on a snowy December evening under lamplight. The main couple, Jack and Laurie, have wonderful chemistry, and I am a serious sucker for happy endings.

I wanted to love this book.

I should have loved this book.

But I didn't.

Told in alternating perspectives between Jack and Laurie, this is a love at first sight story. Jack and Laurie share a moment at a bus stop and then don't see each other again for a year when Jack begins dating Laurie's best friend.

What follows is 10 years of terrible timing and broken hearts.

We all adore cheering for true love to overcome all obstacles; however, the obstacles in this novel meant that other innocent people spent years of their lives being half-loved because these two couldn't be honest with them, with each other, and especially with themselves.

For me, One Day in December dances uncomfortably close with the line of betrayal, which is never romantic, even if you are a OTP. Which is, really, too bad; I actually kind of liked Jack. Though, I found Laurie a frustrating character to root for. 

Ultimately, this novel romanticizes emotional infidelity, and I am not here for that. I feel as though the author could have used other tools to keep Laurie and Jack in each other's lives without involving the best friend.


If you pick this book up and love it (because I have a seriously unpopular opinion on this one), I hope you enjoy! Though be warned, it may not be the perfect romance for all readers.


Disclaimer - Thank you to Penguin Random House Canada for sending me a complementary copy of this novel. I wish I had enjoyed it more!

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