Monday, 1 October 2018

Marilla of Green Gables by Sarah McCoy - Book Review

There is a chapter in Anne of Green Gables where Anne Shirley and Marilla Cuthbert are chatting about Gilbert Blythe and his father, John.

"What a nice-looking-fellow he is," said Marilla absently. "I saw him in church last Sunday and he seemed so tall and manly. He looks a lot like his father did at the same age. John Blythe was a nice boy. We used to be real good friends, he and I. People called him my beau."
Anne looked up with swift interest.
"Oh, Marilla -- and what happened?"
Anne of Green Gables, L. M. Montgomery

Marilla of Green Gables is Sarah McCoy's answer to that question. What did happen with Marilla and John? What was Marilla like as a young girl? What was Matthew like as a young man? How was the stage set for Anne to be such a perfect fit into their family?

Prequels are interesting. It's a little strange to read a book when you, essentially, already know the ending. I know Marilla and John Blythe do not have a happily ever after together at the end of this book, yet, I cheered for them anyways.

Despite my wishful and romantic thinking, Sarah McCoy takes us on another journey with Marilla Cuthbert. Yes, we learn the answer to Anne's question above, but we also learn that Marilla had many other gifts to share during a time of significant political unrest and that her strength of charachter helped others in profound ways during her time before Anne.

It was so lovely to be back in the world of Avonlea. Marilla of Green Gables has the carefreeness of the Anne stories we all know and love along with the emotional weight of them. I did not expect that this book would make me cry actual, real tears, but that's exactly what happened. Twice. Sarah McCoy does a wonderful job of capturing the voices of our beloved characters without endeavouring to copy L.M. Montgomery's writing style.

If you love Anne of Green Gables, your heart will be so happy you picked up this book. It is the story you didn't know you were waiting for, but will be so delighted you found.

Marilla of Green Gables is out October 23rd, 2018. Look for it wherever books are sold!


Disclaimer - I received a complementary copy of Marilla of Green Gables for review purposes courtesy of Harper Collins Canada and William Morrow. All thoughts and opinions are entirely my own.

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