Monday, 15 October 2018

Bibliophile by Jane Mount

Bibliophile by Jane Mount may just very well be the most beautiful book on my bookshelves.

If you're not familiar with Jane Mount, she is the creator of the Ideal Bookshelf. She paints extraordinary bookstacks and book covers that allow us to admire our beloved books in a new ways and challenge us to try out titles that we may not have otherwise noticed. I ordered the Paris Ideal Bookshelf for myself this week. She even makes custom bookshelf prints, so you can have your own personalized ideal bookshelf!

Bibliophile - An Illustrated Miscellany is Jane Mount's latest book, and it is such a gem. This beautifully illustrated book is full of bookish trivia, quizzes, and people, along with the most interesting bookstores and libraries from around the world. Throughout the book you will also find her signature bookshelves with some of the most popular and compelling titles for every genre imaginable. Every single page in Bibliophile is overflowing with colourful literary information and images.


I love that this book is judgement-free about what people enjoy reading, and I've been savouring Bibliophile, working my way through it slowly. Bibliophile is a fountain of joyful bookish information, literary facts, and recommendations. Any book lover will be truly enchanted by this wonderful collection.

But be warned - reading this book will cause both your TBR and your bucket list to multiply tenfold. If you're okay with that, I'm giving away a copy on Instagram this week. Enter over here.


Disclaimer - I received a complementary copy of Bibliophile courtesy of Raincoast Books. All thoughts and opinions are entirely my own.

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