Thursday, 10 August 2017

The One Piece of Lingerie You'll Actually Want to Wear

I recently got rid of nearly all of my lingerie. I tossed out 4 little nighty things that I had accumulated around the time of my wedding.  I rarely wore them. They felt fun for about half a second and then I just felt self-conscious and cold. They basically resembled this:

I kept only one. It's the Lace T-back Tank Dress Chemise from Fleur't

It's super soft, long enough to feel comfortable (it hits just above the knee), and has this magic elastic built into the fabric and the lace. This chemise is especially supportive for ladies with large busts. Yes, I just said "supportive" when talking about lingerie.

The hot pink colour I bought a few years ago isn't available anymore, but I love this dark-denim colour. There is also a light-lavender colour that happens to be on sale if you prefer it.

So, you're welcome. I promise you, when you slip this nightgown on, you'll feel sexy, comfortable and you'll want to wear it for you, not just for your partner.


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