Monday, 14 August 2017

Sebastianisms Vol 4

Chatting with a 5 year old is often pretty adorable. He's at a stage where he does a lot of self-talk and self-encouragement. Here are a few gems we've overheard recently.

"I'm making such beautiful pictures that you can't even believe!"

"I'm pretty incredible, right?"

"I'm getting a roll." (He meant to say that he was "on a roll".)


These are a few things he's said to us lately:

"You're so kindful."

"It really appreciates me." (He meant "I really appreciate it.")


Lastly, my dad was teasing him a few weeks ago, and he said "Your nose is bigger than the whole house." To which Sebastian replied, "Your nose is bigger than the whole university!"


For more, here are Sebastianisms vol 1, vol 2, and vol 3.

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