Monday, 28 August 2017

Mini Golf In And Around The Greater Toronto Area

Sebastian and I wrote a post together! His latest favourite activity is mini golf, so we have played a ton of mini golf this summer. I thought it may be helpful to put together a list of the mini golf courses we've tried along with Sebastian's thoughts of each.


Scarborough Family Golf Centre
18 holes, outdoor
Cost - $6.00 for children, $7.50 for adults

My thoughts - I'm starting with my favourite. This medieval-themed course is well-maintained, and each hole has unique challenges to work through. The staff is also super nice. We were there on a day when the course was busy with a children's camp and though Seb and I didn't mind at all, they offered us a complementary game because of the crowds. The ball is not "collected" at hole 18, so you can play through the course multiple times if you want.

Sebastian's thoughts - I loved hole 18 because it goes up, and I loved seeing the ball go down the squiggle paths.

Putting Edge
18 holes, indoor
Cost - $9.50 for children, $11.50 for ages 13+

My thoughts - This one is fun for a rainy day. I'm sure we'll be back in the winter sometime as well. If you've never been to a Putting Edge, it's glow in the dark mini golf, which is pretty fun for kids. There is also a small children's arcade. The balls are collected in the last hole, so you can only play through the course once.

Sebastian's thoughts - I loved it because my shirt glowed white and blue. I also loved the arcade where I won jackpot.

18 holes, outdoor
Cost - 5 tickets for 9 holes, 9 tickets for 18 holes, free with a season pass. 

My thoughts - I was super annoyed that we had to use tickets for Sebastian to play mini golf here after we bought him the children's day pass. The course is pretty minimal and not worth the cost. We only paid for 9 holes, and thankfully they let Rob and I just walk the the course while Seb played.

Sebastian's thoughts - "I was sad I only could play 9 holes, and it was too easy."


Farmer's Pantry
10 holes, outdoor
Cost - $7 per person (gives you access to all of the grounds of the farm)

My thoughts - Farmer's Pantry is a family-run orchard with children's activites in the summer. In addition to mini golf there is a cedar hedge maze, animal petting area, and u-pick fruits. We gathered up some delicious raspberries the day we were there. The mini putt holes are spread out throughout the orchard for you to find. You can play the holes as many times as you'd like.

Sebastian's thoughts - I liked number 10 because it goes onto the grass if you don't golf it the right way.

Georgian Bowl
18 holes, outdoor
Cost - $2 per person 

My thoughts - This course is perfect if you have a little one who doesn't care about keeping score or fancy courses. It's not particularly well-maintained, but it's two dollars, and you can go around as many times as you'd like.

Sebastian's thoughts - I liked it because it of the last level where you had to get it up high on number 18. 

Niagara Falls

Dinosaur Adventure Golf
36 holes, outdoor
Cost - $6.99 for children, $9.99 for adults

My thoughts - This was a fun course right on Clifton Hill. There were water obstacles, caves, and sand traps on some of the holes which made this course stand out from the others. Dinosaur Adventure Golf has two 18-hole courses, and you choose one to play. The ball is collected at the end, so you can only play the course through once.

Sebastian's thoughts - I love that I got a hole in one. I liked when daddy got a hole in one in the rock. I got past the sand trap in my first shot.

Next up, I'm hoping to try out the mini putt at Playdium, and we'll also probably try out the course at Blue Mountain sometime soon. I'll update this post when we do!


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