Monday, 10 July 2017

5 Netflix-Inspired Parenting Television Shows (Guest Post)

Here's a special treat! Gail Hoffer-Loibl from Maybe I'll Shower Today is here sharing her ideas for how to make a few parenting-inspired alterations to popular Netflix shows. Enjoy!

I have few loves in life, my husband, my kids, and, of course, my Netflix. Give me a night with Francis Underwood or the ladies of Litchfield any day. And, while those shows are fantastic, they don’t always reflect the everyday mundane reality of parenthood. Just like I offered some parenting-inspired tweaks to some popular network programs, I thought Netflix could use some of its own.
1. Orange Is The New Food My Kid Won’t Eat 

Will it be oranges or will it be mashed potatoes? Tune in to each episode of this riveting drama to find out which food your child now hates.

2. 13 Reasons Why My Kids Are Bored

They have a million toys, T.V., three different tablets and it's a beautiful day outside, yet they have nothing to do. And you will hear about it. 

3. House of Crayon-Covered Walls

The parents think they have control of the house, but one crayon-wielding toddler is out to prove them wrong.
4. Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt Has Kids

She survived life in a bunker and a crappy New York City apartment, but can she survive a 30-minute tantrum at Target?
5. Stranger Things I Never Thought I’d Do As A Parent

A woman enters an upside down world where she allows T.V. before two, snacks that aren’t organic, and children to sleep in her bed.
Which show would you like to see on Netflix?
*This post was originally published on Gail's blog, Maybe I'll Shower Today. For more from Gail, follow along with her on Facebook.

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