Thursday, 27 April 2017

Sebastianisms Vol 3

If you've ever spent any amount of time with a pre-schooler, you know they can say the cutest things. Here's a collection of a few of Sebastian's gems lately.

Sebastian loves books (I wonder where he gets that from hehe). When we talking about having one of his friends over to play, I told him that we could invite someone for a playdate, and he responded with, "...or for a read-date."

This was a little while ago, but I remember after one busy day he said, "I am soaking tired!"

As a French teacher, this one hurt my soul a little...
Sebastian (looking at a French book) : What is this book called?
Me : says title in French
Sebastian : What's it called in real words?

This past weekend, we were at a baptism for my friend's son. To give you an idea of how often we don't attend church, here were a few of Sebastian's questions during the mass:
"Which baby is going to get a head dunk first?"
"Why can't I have a treat?" (meaning the host)
"How long until the show is over?"

Talking with this little guy is always a highlight in my day. He's turning 5 next week, and I just want to bottle up all of his curiosity and adorableness and keep it forever!


For more, here are Sebastianisms vol 1 and vol 2.

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