Monday, 14 November 2016

My Etsy Holiday Gift Guide {for pretty much anyone on your list}

When it comes to the holidays, I can swing drastically between a laissez-faire, leave the dishes in the sink and pass me a glass of wine relaxed attitude, and then feeling totally overwhelmed and ready to snap. I suppose my husband finds it all to be part of my charm :)

One thing that helps me make it through the holidays in one piece is ordering as many gifts as possible online. I avoid the mall, and then beautiful, unique gifts arrive at my house ready to be shared with my friends and family. Etsy is one of my favourite places to shop online. Below I've put together my favourite ideas for anyone on your shopping list this year!

Gifts For Her

(your wife, mother, babysitter, or your BFF)

Etsy always has one of a kind style items that are sure to glean compliments each time they are worn. I love this t-shirt and beanie because they both look so cozy and beautiful!

I have a weakness for all things bookish and Parisian, so I actually own both of these items and love them so much. (These Paris notecards are also my favourites).

One of the things Etsy does particularly well is share luxurious handmade skincare products. These make great gifts because they are not always the type of products someone would buy for themselves regularly and instead become a really special treat.

Gifts For Him 

(your husband, father, grandpa, brother-in-law)

The shaving kit from OrangeFuzz is one of my favourite gifts for the men in my life. I've gifted it to my husband and brother-in-law each more than once because they've repeatedly requested it. The shaving kit comes with their signature Cedarwood Guinness beer soap (which my dad also loves). I promise, you cannot go wrong with these!

Personalized gifts are always wonderful ideas because they are so meaningful and will be cherished for many years to come. If you have a little one just learning to write, getting a keychain engraved with their exact message would be such a wonderful surprise for any father or grandpa. Also, we have that exact hammer set and the quality is excellent!

Gifts For The Littles

Etsy has the absolute best t-shirts for little ones. Our son gets loads of hand me downs, so it's fun to leave room in the children's clothing budget for one or two shirts you'd never find in the mall.  I've been eying this Lettuce Turnip The Beet one for awhile, and the other set is super adorable (and perfect for a lazy parenting day haha!)

These two toys are perfect for inspiring creative play! Nature-based learning is a growing theme in elementary school learning, and these wooden blocks help bring some of that outdoor play home. The play silks are so fun because they really can be anything! Blankets, clothing for toys, fire, water, etc. I prefer purchasing toys that can "do" more than one thing, and the possibilities for these are endless. 

For even more wonderful gift ideas, be sure to check out Etsy's Editor Picks as well!


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