Wednesday, 30 November 2016

Miracle on 5th Avenue - Book Review

I just loved Sleepless in Manhattan by Sarah Morgan when I read it earlier this summer and have been waiting not so patiently for the next instalments to come out to find out what happens next with Paige's friends Frankie and Eva. Frankie's story can be found in the second book of the series, Sunset in Central Park.

Sarah Morgan definitely saved the best for last with her story of Eva and Lucas in the Miracle on 5th Avenue. In this holiday-themed romance, hopeless romantic Eva ends up stranded at Lucas' penthouse apartment during an epic NYC snowstorm. The world is waiting for Lucas' next great crime horror novel which is due shortly for publication. The only problem? He feels completely blocked and hasn't yet written a single word. While Eva is stranded at his place, decorating for Christmas, and cooking up a storm, her presence starts to inspire Lucas to write again...and when Eva finds out what exactly Lucas has been writing about her, she's not likely to be too pleased!

Sarah Morgan is one author who always keeps me up late reading her books. I loved so much about Miracle on 5th Avenue. It has romance, books, Christmas, Tiffany's, and even a little Pretty Woman parallel within the story. Basically all of my favourites!

I found Eva's optimism to be infectious, and her positivity really made me feel so happy while I was reading this book. She and Lucas were excellent together. All of Sarah Morgan's books are the perfect combination of sweet and sexy, and I certainly look forward to reading more from this author in the future.

And just for fun, I want to share my favourite quotation from the book. Especially since lately I feel like I'm a little "extra curvy".

"Extra curvy?...Is that like extra strong coffee? In other words, more of the part that's already good?" 
- Lucas Blade

It's impossible not to love him!


Disclaimer - I was sent a complementary copy of Miracle on 5th Avenue from the publisher and TLC Book Tours. All thoughts and opinions are entirely my own. To see what other bloggers had to say about this lovely book, check out the full book tour here.

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