Monday, 4 July 2016

Four Ways Sebastian Is Most Like Us

Sebastian may be only 4, but this little guy is FULL of personality. He is not an exact copy of either Rob or I, but there are some characteristics he has that have clearly come from one, or both, of us.

1. He is very tall for his age. Sebastian was born weighing in at 10.5 pounds and 57 centimetres long (via natural birth thankyouverymuch), and he has maintained that long height and stature ever since. The very first thing I remember after delivering Sebastian was hearing my OBGYN say, "Where were you hiding this baby?" Now, at just over 4 years old, Sebastian is about 3 feet 7 inches tall. He is confused for an older kid all of the time, which can be frustrating because people expect him to do certain things or talk a certain way when he is still not even in school yet. I am 6 feet tall, and my mom says that it was the same for me when I was Sebastian's age. My dad is over 6 feet tall, so this is a trait that clearly runs in our family.

2. He has stunning, deep, brown eyes.  Sebastian's eyes are inherited very much from Rob's side of the family. Both Rob and his mother have striking, brown eyes, and Sebastian has these as well. I like to think they pull you in in the very best way, but they also make him an expert at "puppy dog eyes".

3. He is very observant. Sebastian notices everything. Rob is excellent at this as well. Last summer, when Sebastian was just barely 3, he remembered the exact bench on which my brother-in-law left his keys in the San Diego Botanical Gardens after we all got back to the car and realized we had lost the car keys. Not one of the 4 adults had any idea where they were. Sebastian overheard us talking about the keys and remembered exactly where they were on a bench "near the bubbles". This personality trait is also apparent whenever he's in a new group. My mom swears that Rob and Seb are similar this way. They enjoy meeting new people, and neither of them are particularly shy, but in a group setting with new people, they are the ones taking everything in more than vying for anyone's attention.

4. He believes that books are the very best. To say that Sebastian loves books would be a massive understatement. You can't go very far in our house without bumping into a pile of books or finding a bookshelf full of our favourite reads. When given the choice between a new toy and a new book, Sebastian will almost always choose a new book. We visit the library multiple times a week and somehow still have books we return late because they get lost in the sheer volume of books in our house. I also love reading and collecting books, and I wish on every word that Sebastian always loves to read as much as he does now. He sees me regularly with my latest book in hand, and we talk together about the stories we like to read. His favourites right now are Curious George, Franklin, any of the 5 Minute Fairy Tales books, and most especially I Spy or Look and Find books.


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