Wednesday, 18 May 2016

Getting Organized with StickerKid

The organizational side of parenting is not small. Babies tear through their clothing sizes at lightening speed, and toddlers are forever dropping their toys and snack containers wherever they happen to roam. We're in the daycare stage, so we also label every piece of clothing that our son wears, lest it get forgotten or dropped somewhere.

Enter StickerKid. StickerKid is a children's label company that makes adorable labels for kids' clothing, toys, shoes, waterbottles, or any other belongings that come along with having little ones.

StickerKid labels are water resistant, dishwasher safe, microwave safe, fridge/freezer friendly, and washer/dryer safe. They will also hold up to sun and sand. These labels are built to last.

I like using the large circle ones for boots and shoes.

And the iron-on labels were easy to use and are very soft.

There are so many cute designs, fonts, and colours to choose from when creating your labels, and I feel like their prices are comparable to other companies that offer similar products. There are even a variety of stickers for allergy awareness that I imagine could be quite useful for any child with a food allergy.

Sebastian got pretty excited when he saw all the stickers with his name on them, so he decided that he needed to label his most prized possessions, his I Spy books.

So, check out StickerKid if you are looking for help getting organized and keeping track of your children's stuff. Seb is heading to JK in the fall, so we're getting our Monica Geller on and labelling everything to keep it from getting lost!


Disclaimer - I was sent some labels from StickerKid for review. All thoughts and opinions are entirely my own.

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