Monday, 7 March 2016

Sebastianisms Vol 2

If you've ever been able to spend time with a three-year-old and be part of their world, you know that they say some pretty adorable things. Here are a few gems that Sebastian has shared with us recently.


A few weeks ago, I was explaining to Sebastian that I'd be going to Europe soon. He asked where Europe was, and we told him it was across a big ocean. 

Seb thinks for a minute. "Will you have to stick your face in the water like I do during swimming lessons?"

Bless the little guy. He thought I was swimming to Europe.


Sebastian - Do you like Shopkins?
Me - Yes, I do.
Sebastian - Do you want a Shopkins for christmas?
Me - Sure! You can put it in my stocking.
Sebastian - You can't always get what you want, Mommy.


Lately, Seb has been interested in who finishes their dinner first, who finishes second, and who finishes third when we're eating. This is was one conversation that took us a few minutes to figure out after dinner last week.

Seb - You and Daddy had a bow.
Me - A bow? What's a bow?
Seb - That's when two people finish at the same time.
Me - A bow? Like a tie?

Rob - A bow tie?
Seb - Yes, Mommy and Daddy had a bow tie. (Rob and I must have finished eating at the same time, so we had a tie)


S - Mommy, do you like me?

Me - Yes. I love you.
S - I love you too...... We love each other.


I asked Sebastian what he would pack on a trip, so here is a 3 year-old's packing list (in order):
A ball
An iPad 
A pool toy
Half a carrot
A squiggly (maybe he meant snuggly??) blanket
Another small ball
A cartoon.


Then there was this phone call between Rob and Seb.
"Daddy. You forgot your glasses!"
"Thank you. Can you put them somewhere safe for me?"

"Okay. I hide them somewhere tricky. It like a mystery..."


And last week, I was having a really rough day because I was so sad Sebastian had to change daycare centres and leave the teachers and classmates he knew so well.  As he tried to comfort me, he further slayed my heart.

"Don't cry, Mommy. Don't be upset. I give you a kiss."



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