Monday, 15 February 2016

What NOT to Buy For Baby

When a friend of mine was expecting her first baby awhile ago, she was interested in what to buy for baby, but also asked me what she likely wouldn't need. Below is pretty much the exact email I replied back to her!

1. A breastfeeding pillow. I know, I know. Hell hath no fury than a mama separated from her nursing pillow, but I borrowed one from a friend and did not love it at all. It hurt my back, and I felt like I was nursing at a weird angle all of the time. I just used a regular pillow, and it was perfect.

2. Bumper pads for the crib - We actually never had these, but I was planning on buying them at one point and then just never did. Seb was fine without them.

3. Bumbo seat - This baby seat is very popular, but Seb never liked it. He loved his little bouncy chair a ton though.

4. Nightlight - Babies are actually not supposed to have nightlights in their room. It messes with their eye development. We were gifted one but only just started using it now (and Seb's almost 4).

5. Baby mittens - I think I heard a public health nurse tell us that actually we shouldn't use the baby mitten flaps on the sleepers. I forget the reason why, but we never had a problem with Seb scratching himself which is why I think they're there. We did have tiny baby nail clippers and had to trim his nails which isn't fun. Mais, c'est la vie.

6. Newborn sized clothes. Seriously - return any you get. Starting with 0-3 month sized clothes is plenty small enough. Unless you have a preemie, then you'll probably need all those adorable, tiny onesies.

7. Disposable change pads. I have no idea why I bought a pack of these but that's $5 I won't get back again. Useless. I have (more than 1) portable change pads that came with the diaper bag.

8. Real shoes. We were gifted a pair of the tiniest real baby shoes ever, and I made Seb wear them a few times, but he grew out of them before he was even close to walking. I preferred Robeez

9. Sling Wrap carrier like this. I don't know why but I just never felt very secure with it. I felt like Seb could just roll out or something. Maybe because it was because I had a huge baby, but I preferred my Ergo. It felt much more secure. 

10. Change table. We just bought a change pad and put it on top of his dresser. Worked just fine.

11. Bottle warmer. We never had one, so maybe it would have been life-changing if we had, but I think you manage pretty easily without buying one of these.

12. Wipes warmer. We never had one of these either, but I've heard they don't work great and actually dry out the wipes. Save your $$.

Anything you'd add to this list? What were you gifted that you never used? (I promise your secret is safe with me!).


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