Wednesday, 25 November 2015

Koala Crate Box Review

You may have heard of Kiwi Crate which is a subscription box of hands-on art and science activities. Koala Crate is the same subscription, and is tailored for children aged 3-4.

I signed us up for a 6 month subscription because I thought this would be a great thing to do throughout the winter. Each month the box is themed and comes with a number of different items designed for a minimum of 3 separate activities or crafts. This month's theme was Numbers. Here's a look at what we got and the activities we did together!
(It was a cloudy day when we opened our Koala Crate, so my apologies for the darker photos. But Koala Crate really is perfect for the days you feel stuck indoors.)

This months kit came with all of the supplies necessary for making play-doh, including Kool-Aid to colour it blue :) There was also play-doh rolling pin and cutting wheel. The remaining items were a plastic mat and 4 reusable play-doh activity sheets, 2 dice, and a set of special Koala Crate cards for a couple of different number games. Finally, and this is one of Seb's favourite parts, each box comes with an Imagine magazine. Each Imagine magazine is connected to the topic of the month and includes little stories, games, and activities. Imagine is published in partnership with Highlights so you know it's awesome.

Activity 1 - Make the play-doh

Activity 2 - Play-doh number and measurement games

Activity 3 - Dice and card games (matching and dominoes)

Overall, I think the value of this subscription is pretty great because everything you need for your craft or activity is included each time, and the supplies are always excellent quality.

If you'd like to sign up and try out Koala Crate (or any of the others for older kids - Kiwi Crate, Doodle Crate or Tinker Crate), using my link will save you $10 off your order. 


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