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Book Club Discussion - Why Not Me? by Mindy Kaling

In an interview with the NY Times, Mindy Kaling was asked what her ideal book club would be like. She said "My book club would be held on Sunday afternoons. Dress code: warm-weather black tie. Cocktails from 3 to 3:30. Chitchat from 3:30 to 4. Personal drama from 4 to 5. Book discussion from 5 to 5:30. Early dinner from 5:30 to 7. Then everyone goes home."

Oh how I wish I could be in Mindy Kaling's book club!
But this is the next best thing. What did you think of her book?

What I Loved

Why Not Me? made me love Mindy Kaling even more than I already did, which is probably too much for someone I don't actually know in real life.

I loved how this book made me laugh out loud. For example, one of my favourites is her mini-rant about pennies:

I am notorious for making impassioned speeches about things nobody cares about. Like, I think it's a federal crime parking meters won't accept pennies. Yeah, government, we know pennies suck. But you made them! You have to accept them! Parking meters are literally one of three things anyone uses coins for and you decide you don't want to deal with them? - Mindy Kaling

Maybe it's because we recently got rid of pennies in Canada, but that part made me laugh so hard. 

I loved that she showed us basically a photo essay of her typical day. I found it to be so interesting and appreciate more what goes into a half-hour show each week. Plus, nowhere in her typical day did she include time to write her own book. Twice.

I loved that while much of the book was very funny, there were some valuable discussion about just plainly living a good life, being a good person, and finding happiness in your own way. 

I tip great, I try not to swear too much, and I remember to thank people and be grateful. And all that stuff I do to "appear" better has actually made me a better person. I wish I had always acted like I was a little bit famous. 
- Mindy Kaling

I loved what she wrote about ending friendships and found it interested how she left her sorority. I texted one of my friends immediately when I got to this chapter because I had basically blogged about the exact same thing the day before I started reading this book.

I loved how she described her relationship/friendship with B.J. Novak. They're one Hollywood couple I've always been a bit interested in. Are they together? Are they not? It's really none of my business, but I enjoyed reading about them and their "soup snakes."

What I Didn't Love As Much

The one thing I didn't love was the same thing I didn't love about the first book. She talks about being a size 10 and how she feels this is "chubby." I really don't think a size 10 is chubby. I'm a size 10. I think that's a great, healthy size. While I totally understand that in Hollywood, thin is means really thin, I just wouldn't want someone else to read her book and think, "Wait a minute. I'm a size 10. Am I supposed to be a smaller size? I had no idea." Because, that's what I was thinking.

Your turn!

What did you enjoy about Why Not Me?
What did  you not enjoy about it?
What did you find most interesting?
Was there anything you wished she talked about more? Less?
What was your favourite quote from the book?

Let's get a discussion going in the comments. I'm going to join in as well!


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