Monday, 31 August 2015

This Is Our Fight Song

I know that breast cancer awareness month is typically October, but this is a post that just can't wait. I recently found out that a friend of mine from high school has been diagnosed with stage 4 metastatic breast cancer. In school, Jaclyn and I were good friends. We are the same age. I remember her as kind and funny, with a positive and energetic spirit. The Jaclyn I knew was a loyal friend with a warm heart and one heck of a gifted soccer player. But, as happens so often to many, we lost touch after graduation.

Then last week, this video appeared in my Facebook news feed. Jaclyn, brave in front of the rocks that face her, shared her heartbreaking story with the world. She is married and the mama to 2 beautiful little children. She is now in the battle of her life. For her life. Here is her story.

Tough as hell, Jaclyn isn't giving up yet, and she needs our help.

  • Please consider supporting one of the Jac Attack teams running this fall. There is one team for Run for the Cure and another at the Zombie Thrill Run
  • Or sign up to participate in either of these runs yourself. I will be signing up for Run for the Cure in Toronto on October 4th and encourage as many people as I can to join me. I am running for Jaclyn.
  • Share her video to help her raise awareness not only for her own fight, but for any other mamas fighting to have just one more day with their families because of cancer.
  • Consider becoming a volunteer for the Chemo Angel program. Through this program, you can get connected with someone just like Jaclyn and send a little light and love their way while they are going through chemotherapy. (Just today I received an email that Chemo Angels are actively seeking new volunteers willing to write to patients in the U.S.)
  • Go get your annual physical. It doesn't matter if you are 24, 34, or 64. This is no joke. Cancer in young women is particularly aggressive. Call your doctor today if it's been awhile.
  • Be kind to one another. I can't even imagine what Jaclyn's days must be like right now, but I can only hope they are filled with kindness, compassion, and love. Three things of which we can always use a little more. Everyone is fighting some battle within. We just don't always know what it is. 

Like a small boat
On the ocean
Sending big waves
Into motion
Like how a single word
Can make a heart open
I might only have one match
But I can make an explosion

Fight Song - Rachel Platten



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