Wednesday, 26 August 2015

The App Challenge - How to save money on your weekly grocery bill!

Confession - I'm a lazy grocery shopper. For anything else, I'll comparison shop online for days before making a purchase, but I just don't do that for food. I don't have time to sift through the flyers that arrive at our house each week, and I won't go to multiple grocery stores for different items. I don't even use a single flyer to plan meals based what is on sale at the one grocery store I do plan on using. I have never price-matched anything in my life.

A typical week of grocery shopping and planning in my house goes something like this:
1. Plan out meals for the week. See what I have in our freezer that I can use up and keep in mind evenings that we're busy or I'm home from work later to make sure dinner is a bit "easier" that night.
2. Make a grocery list on paper of what I need still to prepare our meals.
3. Pick a grocery store near us almost at random, and go get the groceries.
4. Feel lucky if something I wanted to buy was on sale, because I sure didn't plan it. recently challenged me to use their new app when planning my weekly shopping trip. The goal - see how far I can stretch my budget of $50.



Step 1 - Pick the flyers you're interested in and add them to your favourites.

Step 2 - Tap the photo of the sale item you want to remember to buy to add it to your shopping list. SO easy!

Step 3 - Add any other items you want to buy by typing them into "My List". (Note - all of the deals for these items will be easily accessible for viewing once you do this as well. I needed milk, and I instantly saw 23 deals on milk).

Step 4 - Check out the "Cash Back" items to see if there are any there of interest and add them to your list as well. With a three year old boy running around, we use Shout Stain Remover like it's going out of style, so it wasn't hard to decide that deal was perfect for me.

Use "My List" when walking around the grocery store and then just tap the item to cross it off your list.

This app is well-organized and has quite a few features. I really loved that just tapping a photo in a flyer added that item to my list. Plus it was so easy to "cross out" items when I was shopping. No more fiddling with a pen and paper and no hard surface to actually cross out an item anyways.

I also really love the cash back feature. For this, you just take a picture of your receipt right in the app and upload that photo to make your claim. pays out when you reach a cash-back threshold of $5. At that time you can redeem your savings and have the funds deposited into your Paypal account.

Armed with the app on my phone and $50, I went to Sobey's last weekend. Here's what I bought!

My total cost was $50.10. Not everything I needed for the whole week of groceries is here. Even with the app, I need more than $50 to feed our family for the week. But, I made some really great purchases, including a lot of frozen meat that will be perfect for busy nights as the school year gears up again. Plus, using the app I saved $18.55. That's a savings of 37%!

In addition to my savings of $18.55, I also earned $3 towards my cash back. So, really my total savings was $21.55 which is pretty incredible on $50.

I don't think I'm ready for an episode of Extreme Couponing just yet, but I'd call this first attempt a win.

The app is available for both IOS and Android.

Happy Shopping!

Disclaimer - This post was sponsored by Metroland and All thoughts and opinions using their great, new app are entirely my own.

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