Wednesday, 8 July 2015

Deck Remix!

When we bought our house, the family that lived here before us built a big-for-Toronto sized deck just before they sold the house, so it was nearly brand-new to us. We inherited a very pre-loved patio set from my parents and called it a day. While functional, it wasn't a really inviting space. We didn't even have a BBQ.

So, recently we've made more of an effort to turn our backyard space into something more cozy, inviting, and still kid-friendly. A place we want to hang out.

Last fall, another couple asked Rob and I if we'd like to split buying half a cow to stock our freezer full of good quality meat. After we did that, we had no excuse to not buy a BBQ next! Then this spring we Freecycled our patio set and the first step towards a more beautiful deck was power-washing.  Seb and I were away the day Rob power-washed, and he sent me this before/after pic:

What a difference!

Then came the fun part - shopping! We picked out a new patio set, lanterns, and accent pillows.

Patio Set - Bramley 5-Piece Eucalyptus Dining Set. I can't find it anywhere online now, but here is the 7-piece set if you want a bigger table. 

Patio dishes - old. Crate and Barrel has some cute indoor/outdoor dinnerware sets.

Accent pillows - Hampton Bay Printed Triangle Pillows

Lantern - Bed Bath and Beyond

I was very excited about these Tricut Lanterns I bought from Anthropologie. This one from Bed Bath and Beyond is similar and less expensive. I put some fake candles inside, and they look really sweet in the evening.

All together this is what the deck looks like now. (I had to use the panoramic function on my phone to take this pictures, so it's a bit distorted). I wanted to have a play space right in front of the patio door where Seb can play with his trucks, or so we can easily bring big art projects outside from the craft room.

The last thing we did was use little hooks under the railing to add Christmas lights around the seating area of the deck. 

And in the evening it all looks like this:

 Even Lily likes it!

We're so happy with how everything turned out. Now it's a space we're proud of, and we're looking forward to many BBQs this summer. We just have to figure out how to keep the mosquitoes away, so we can sit out there a little longer in at night!


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