Wednesday, 22 July 2015

Our Trip to San Diego According to my iPhone

Rob, his mom Teresa, Sebastian, and I packed up and flew to San Diego a few weeks ago to visit Rob's brother John for a week. My mother-in-law hadn't been on an airplane in over 35 years. This trip was a huge deal for everyone not only because it was going to be a really wonderful family trip, but it also meant that Teresa could see where John lived and worked for the first time.

John planned so many wonderful things for us to do and totally spoiled us. Rob and I had been to San Diego to visit John a few years ago just before I got pregnant with Sebastian. Going back with Sebastian was super fun. If you follow me on instagram (@jennasml), you probably saw that I was posting pics during our trip. I added some of the pics from Instagram and a few other new ones in today's post. Here's our trip as documented by our cell phones!

Day 1
When we arrived John had a massive poster made up for us to see as soon as we stepped off the elevator and into his condo building. Then we headed off to Mission Beach for lunch and Sebastian's first time dipping his toes into the ocean.

Day 2
In the morning we went to the San Deigo Botanical Garden, stopped by La Jolla beach and of course made a visit to Sprinkles Cupcakes (Lemon blueberry for the win BTW). At the botanical gardens, my mother-in-law, who grew up on the Portuguese island of Santa Maria, saw the plant that they used to use to brush their teeth! La Jolla beach is famous for the seals that are always sunbathing. John was trying to snap a shameless seal selfie with a baby seal on the beach. Below are the photos of this event from my phone, and then his. My total guilty pleasure was that since there were at times 6 adults to 1 three-year-old, I'd sit and enjoy my drink and book on John and Scott's terrace.

Day 3
Beach day!

Day 4
Zoo day!

Day 5
This was a rest and relaxation day. Teresa and I went for manicures and pedicures while the boys went for cupcakes and a swing in the park. Afterwards we had a swim in the pool. That evening, John had booked Rob and I a date night at The Prado in Balboa Park.  We sat outside under twinkle lights, drank too much sangria, and had a really fun night out.

Day 6
This day we visited Old Town in San Diego. It's like a historic market shops, restaurants, and small museums. I loved the soap and tea shops. The Old Town Model Rail Depot was also a highlight. We had lunch there and then had a lazy afternoon at home where John and Scott have 2 adorable little dogs, Finn and Elliot, to play with :)

Day 7
In the morning of our last full day we went to Cabrillo. Sebastian's favourite souvenir to buy whenever we're out are those coin machines where you put in $0.50 and a penny and out comes the penny flattened with a picture on it. Fine by me. $0.51 three times and that's all he wanted to bring home from the whole trip. #win Then went to the harbour for some fish and chips, and ended the day playing at a huge new park and splash pad area.

Last sunset in San Diego...

Leaving on a jet plane...
The next day we packed up, and Rob, Seb and I headed back home. We all had such an amazing trip and can't wait to go back to San Diego again! It's a hard life having a brother-in-law who lives in such a beautiful place. I know Sebastian will remember parts of this as his first big family trip. Teresa stayed with John for one more week, and they continued their California adventure by driving up the coast to San Fransisco.

That's a wrap! I hope you enjoyed seeing our family trip photos. I'll be putting together a more practical "Visiting San Diego With Kids" type of post in the next little while.