Wednesday, 20 May 2015

How do your kids address the adults they know?

So this is my latest dilemma. Our three year old is entirely at the age where he knows the names of the adults in his life. But it also feels so strange to my ear to hear Seb calling adults by their first names. I grew up addressing every adult in my life as Mr. and Mrs. Last Name. Hell would have frozen over before I addressed one of my parents' friends by their first names. I still address some of my parents' friends using their last name because I've never felt comfortable changing to using their first names.

But it seems that isn't the case anymore. Everywhere on our street, I hear kids calling any of the adults by their first names. And I don't think they're doing it to be disrespectful. It just seems to be the way it is. But I want to ensure there is a relationship of respect between Sebastian and the adults in his life. So it's very strange to know he'll grow up being so comfortable when addressing them. Am I the only one that feels this way?

I recently asked some grade 8 students I know how they address their friends' parents, and they all said they use first names. They told me it would be extremely bizarre to call their friends' parents Mrs. Last Name. They actually laughed when I suggested it as an idea. It would be social suicide. And the parents seem 100% on board with this. Insisting that first names are used.

I'm also not entirely sure about the Aunty/Uncle title which I know is an alternative some people use. Growing up in my family Aunty/Uncle was reserved for your actual aunts and uncles. This is the option that Rob's been trying to get me on board with, however.

Is this just something I need to get over? What do your kids call the non-family member adults in their life?

I'm dying to know! Tell me your thoughts, opinions, suggestions please!


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