Monday, 6 April 2015

Quotations that Motivate Me to Get to the Gym

Since I've started working out again this year, I've realized I don't really need help figuring out what to do at the gym once I get there.  I know Pinterest is filled with plenty of different workout plans, but you won't really find too many on my Fitness Pinterest board. I've been pretty good at following the Mudderella Training Program, and GoodLife Fitness has a preset total body workout circuit that's user/beginner friendly.

What I need more than anything is motivation to actually get my ass actually to the gym. After the toddler goes to sleep at night, the physical pull towards my newest book or my current Netflix binge is strong. The pull towards my sneakers...not so strong.

I'm proud at how much I've been doing (fear of failure is quite motivating in itself), but my Fitness Pinterest board is full of motivational workout quotations that really help me get my butt in gear. Here are my favourites.

What are some of your favourite workout quotations? "Sweatin' like a pig, feelin' like a fox" is another one that makes me smile.


All images via Pinterest.

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