Monday, 27 April 2015

First Birthday Gift Ideas for Baby #2 When You Already Have a Million Toys and Books

The title of this post is pretty much the exact wording of a reader question I had recently. What do you get for your baby's first birthday when you already have a preschooler, a million books and toys, and really don't want more clutter in your house? (I added that last part, but I'm sure we all feel the same way on this one #thestruggleisreal).

I polled some other mommy bloggers for ideas, and their ideas basically fell into three categories: non-toy/book physical gifts, experiential gifts, and financial gifts. 

Physical Gifts (but not toys or books)

Board Games (via What Doing Mommy). For a toddler, I'd recommend either Seek A Boo or Who Knows Whose Nose? Those are both favourites with Seb.

Subscription Box (via Queen of the Land of Twigs and Berries) I love this idea!! Both Panda Crate and Bluum would work for a 1 year old. 

Printed Baby Book (via McMama Says) - There lots of personalized book ideas out there. Shutterfly has a few and I See Me looks like a great option as well.

Baby regifting (via Beyond Mommying) - Basically the idea behind this one is that you take a toy or book from your older child and wrap it up and gift it to your younger one. This would be a gift that has pretty much been "retired" by your oldest, not something that's out in everyday play.

Something with his/her name on it - This idea is my own mom's contribution to this list! It's such great idea. I love this personalized first birthday poster. We had one made up for Seb when he turned one. Or a chunky personalized name puzzle like the one below would be really perfect gift as well. Search around on Etsy. There are a million things you can put your kid's name on. I tell my husband that part of the reason I had a kid is so I can put their name on cute stuff.

Experience gifts

The Good Mama, among many others, suggested doing some kind of experience gift.  You could take your littles on a trip to the zoo or to a theme park. Or you can buy a membership to a local children's museum. I always loved Gymboree classes when Seb was younger, so a membership there would be a great gift as well!

Just Another Day With Kids suggested instead of buying more stuff for your house, that you could take some of your preloved books and toys and donate them to a non-profit organization. Awesome idea!

Financial gifts

And last but not least, there are 2 great financial-type gift options:
1. A contribution to their RESP or other educational savings plan.
2. A gift certificate to their favourite store. I recommend Chapters, Mastermind Toys or even Etsy.
(via Eat Drink and Save Money)

Any other ideas you'd add to this list? And I hope this helps, Sara!


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