Monday, 5 January 2015

FabFitFun VIP Winter 2014 Box + Discount Code

I am SO excited to post about this subscription box. As soon as I opened this box, I looked at my favourite pillow and thought, yes, today is a good day.

FabFitFun VIP is a seasonal subscription box that includes full-size and premium beauty, wellness, fitness, and fashion products.

$49.99 for a box with a guaranteed value of $200
Free US shipping ($8 to Canada)
Use the code TRYFFF for $10 off your first box

I learned about FabFitFun VIP boxes last year, and I really wanted to try one, but I thought $49.99 was more than I wanted to spend on a box when I really didn't know the contents. But then I started looking at some reviews, and they had a promotion in December where the winter box was $10 off, plus it had a guaranteed value of over $300, so I thought it was the prefect time to try. I was not disappointed.

What's in the box?
Here's what came in my FabFitFun VIP Box. The prices are all listed in USD and come from the card included in the box that explained each item.

Juice Beauty Green Apple Peal - $39
Half United Fighting Hunger Necklace - $34
Zumba 60-min DVD and $25 giftcard - $55
Passport to Beauty Goji Berry Anti-aging Eye Serum - $88
Daniel Stone COCO Candle - $42
yoursMinerals Eyeshadow Duo - $44
3-month membership to Salted (an online resource for cooking videos and lessons) - $27.97
Lather AHA Hand Cream with Evening Primrose - $30
$30 Fashion Project gift card - $18 (I'm not sure why the retail value listed isn't $30)
Organic Valley Milk Protein Shake - $2.99
Almond Butter Sample - $0.63
Special K Snack bar - $.50

The last 3 items listed were sponsored items, so they aren't included in the total value of the box which is $377.97! If you like the items in the box, this is a pretty amazing value.
Thoughts on the items in the box
I'm excited about so many of the products included!

I used my Fashion Project gift card towards a brand new J. Crew sweater which ended up costing me $5 + shipping. Because of the way Fashion Project works, my order also included an $8 donation to the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society. #winwin

The eye serum, apple peel, hand cream, and candle are all items I'm looking forward to using but would never buy myself because they're more expensive. It's great to get to try them out now, and I love that these are full-sized products. Not sample sizes.

When I saw the Zumba DVD and gift card, they reminded me of a funny blog post I saw last month called Thoughts I've had during Zumba. I can't promise that I'll start doing Zumba frequently in our basement, but I vow to try this DVD at least once. At least there are no mirrors in my basement, so I won't see how ridiculous I look trying to keep up!

What also impressed me is that 2 of the gift cards didn't have valid codes for Canadians, so before my box even arrived, I received a separate email from FabFitFun with instructions on how to still take advantage of these 2 gift cards.


My favourite item would have to be the Half United Fighting Hunger Necklace. I love shopping for a cause and each item purchased from Half United feeds a hungry child for a week. Again, #winwin. This necklace is handmade from three bullet casings representing the fight against child hunger. Some of the boxes received silver necklaces, but I am so in love with the gold one. I've already been wearing it.

I won't use the 3-month Salted subscription myself, and the eyeshadows I received aren't my style, so I've already passed those items on to friends and family. Even if I subtract their value from the overall total, I'm still way ahead of what I paid for this box.

So, what do you think about this box? With the value they include, I tell Rob that getting one is really kind of like saving money. (He loves it rolls his eyes when I use financial words to talk about stuff like this).

If you're interested in trying it out, you can sign up at FabFitFun VIP.  (Remember TRYFFF takes $10 off your first box). Winter boxes, like the one I received, are still available.


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