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Stocking Stuffers for Babies and Toddlers (Guest Post)

Welcome to the blog my friend Sara! She's a former blogger herself, and was delighted to put together a guest post for us this week. Enjoy!!

There are plenty of amazing stocking stuffer blog posts out there­. Believe me; I've scoured them. This post is different because I'm going to let you know what I actually bought here in Canada for my son Felix who will be 3 1/2 years old, and my daughter Madeleine who will be just shy of 6 months. I've tried to include prices as much as possible. Most of the items are gender neutral (in my opinion) or you could easily swap out a different theme/character in the same item.

In our family, stocking stuffers are from Mom and Dad, not Santa, ­and I include the cost of the stocking stuffers in our overall Christmas gift “budget”. At this point I don't have a set dollar amount of how much we'll spend on the kids­, but I like to keep track. With our newest addition to the family, I decided we needed new sotckings. I brought home 4 different (but “matching”) stockings and let Felix pick out who gets which one­. He picked the snowman for himself, the reindeer for Madeleine, Santa for Dave (my husbnad), and I got the owl (Dave and I actually both wanted this one and we also both thought Felix would pick this one for himself). I'll also add that my husband and I do not exchange gifts with each other so we save some $$$ that way.

For Felix (3 1/2 year old boy)

1. Make your own power balls kit -  I purchased at Target $3.00. Basically make your own bouncy balls. ­Felix is obssessed with bouncy balls and has been really into crafting lately so this should be a big hit!

2. Mr. Potato Head as Optimus Prime Mixable, Mashable Heroes - from Target.

3. I Spy Little Christmas - I purchased this at Winners for $5.99. (Jenn's note - OMG Sara... I Spy Little books are THE BEST!)

4. Road washi tape from Willow Washi -  $2.80 This is a Canadian site that I regularly purchase washi tape from. The road tape has been a huge hit with Felix for over a year and a half. I almsot always have a roll in the diaper bag­or my purse­ along with a toy car or two!

5. Jingle bell rattle­ - From Target for $1.

6. Crayola Toothbrush - ­Superstore Felix loves the light up timer on his current toothbrush but it's almost time for a new one!

7. Toy Story Band­aids - From Target

8. Froggy shower pouf – From Target. Felix saw some smaller shower poufs at a store the other day and decided that since they were smaller than the one I have, they MUST be for kids! I hope he likes this character one.

9. Sesame Street Fizzy Tub Colours - From Target­. We've never tried anything like this before but I know Felix will love it­I just hope they clean up easily! (Jenn's note - They sure do! We've had them before, and more are coming in Seb's stocking as well.)

10. Snowman Gel Clings – Target $1 WE LOVE GEL CLINGS!!! Whenever they appear in the target “one spot” I grab a whole bunch. I think I actually bought 10 sets this time around: snowflakes, lights, santa, pengiuns, and this snowman. We'll play with the others throughout Decemer, but this one will be in his stocking.

11. Play­Doh Makeables - ­ Winners $3.99. I almost fell over when I saw these. Felix has been VERY into play doh lately ­we have a bunch of different sets­, one of which is a kitchen with recipe cards. He LOVES following the “constructions” (he means instructions) to make “supper”, so I think he'll love that these sets also have picture instructions (I mean constructions!) to make a few different sea creatures (which he is obsessed with­, thank you Octonauts). The set includes all the colours you need too which is always a bonus!


For Madeleine (6 month girl)

1. Flower wall decals – Target on sale for $3.50, regular around $20? I purchased some awesome wall decals for Felix's bedroom last year from Wall Dressed Up on Etsy, and I've been trying to decide how to decorate Madeleine's room. I'm not ready to pay that much for her room yet so when I saw these at Target ­ON SALE­, I grabbed them!

2. Bright Starts Teething Rings

3. I Love You (soft book) – Winners $8.00 based on the board book I Love You Through and Through. We have the board book in French and thought this was a cute version for Madeleine

4. Turtle Wheelie Pal - $4.00 We have a bunch of other animal wheelie pals from Felix's first Christmas and Madeleine loves them, so ... added to the collection.

5. Jingle bell rattle - ­ Target $1 While Madeleine is a bit too small to handle this one alone (I'm pretty sure the bells will come off easily), it'll be good to have two of these in the future!

6. Oral ­B stages toothbrush – Superstore $4.00ish There will always be a new toothbrush in our stockings!!

7. Hair clips – Target $3.00. I am not a fan of headbands on babies (sorry!), but I do think that hair clips and barrettes are super cute! This set is actually for 3yrs+ and since Madeleine doesn't have much hair anyways, we'll hold onto these for the future!

8. Munchkin silicone spoons – Superstore. This is the same set that Felix used, and she already loves chewing on the empty spoon.

9. Nuby Sippy Cup (rated 4 months+) - ­ Superstore. While Madeleine has refused to take a bottle, she has been desperately trying to grab our cups and food. She'll be 6 months just after Christmas, so we'll be starting solids then and offering some water too. Actually maybe I'll try pumping and putting milk in there there and see if she'll take it that way!

10. Hyland's teething tablets – We LOVED these with Felix.­ We found that when his teething was at it's worst, he wouldn't let us give him Tylenol or Advil, UNLESS we gave him these tablets first­ and sometimes that's all he needed. We buy ours at Save­On Grocery store. ­I can't remember how much they were.

11. Suck/teething pads for our baby carrier – These are actually from when Felix was a baby. We barely used the carrier, ­but I use it all the time with Madeleine,  and she's almost big enough to get her mouth on the straps so these will come in handy. I bought them from a shop on Etsy (I LOVE ETSY!) but I can't remember who. There are quite a few Canadian shops that sell them for roughly $15.00 plus shipping.

I had some other great ideas, but unfortunately while saving the original copy of this post I managed to delete them. While this is unfortunate for the purposes of this blog post, and incredibly frustrating because it took waaaaaay too long to write in the first place (two kids who are not having great sleeps these days), I DID HAVE GREAT IDEAS THAT I DON'T REMEMBER. Sigh.

I hope this gave you some ideas­. I really enjoyed putting this together (well the first time at least!)­. I'm also happy to have "stocking stuffers" crossed off my Christmas to­ do list!

Thanks so much, Sara! I love these ideas!! So so so helpful!

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