Wednesday, 26 November 2014

Guest Post! Things You Discover When You Have a Second Child

I'm so excited to feature my first guest post! It's written by my friend, Fiona. Her first son and Seb are the same age, just a few days apart, and she recently had her second baby in October. She wanted to write about things she she didn't think to expect after having a second baby, so here it is! I hope you enjoy it!
P.S. Aren't her boys so super cute??

When my husband and I found out we were going to have a second child back in January, we figured we were ready for the challenge, having already gone through it with our first, who's now 2.  Six weeks into our family of 4, there are some things we've noticed that surprised us, or we didn't expect.

Here are some things we discovered about having a second child:

1.    We could tell right away they had different personalities.
2.    Oh the sleep deprivation!  We cannot sleep during the day with a toddler, or at night with an infant.  I don't know why I didn't anticipate this.
3.    We didn't think that our toddler would be so protective over “his baby”.  This is an amazing thing to watch.  He always has to know where the baby is, and if we are getting ready to go somewhere he tells us to “get baby”.  It's very cute.
4.    Our toddler immediately recognized the potential playmate in his infant brother.
5.    At the same time, I can NOT leave our toddler alone in a room with his brother for a second, he will literally crush him.  (Jenn's note - see crushing photo above)
6.    Getting out of the house takes twice as much stuff and 5x longer! Warn your friends, you will never be on time again!
7.    Our toddler did not have significant potty training regression, but will always need to pee/poop the minute I sit down to breastfeed!
8.    I haven't peed with the door closed in over two years.
9.    Lastly, my husband and I feel more relaxed; with the experience of the first child came a certain confidence the second time around.

Having our second child has been truly wonderful all over again, but with is own unique challenges. 
If you have a new second baby in the house or even a first, give yourself a break from time to time, this is hard work and we're all doing splendidly!

Thanks, Fiona!

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