Tuesday, 14 October 2014

3 Books for Mamas, 1 Blog Birthday, and a GIVEAWAY!

It's no secret that I love the Rookie Moms. They were the first blog I ever started to read regularly, and they are the ones who inspired me to start my own blog. Now one year later, here we are. Technically my blog's first birthday was Monday, but it was Canadian Thanksgiving, and I was spending the day with family. One of the many things for which I have been grateful this year is the support, encouragement, and kindness I've felt from so many of you. Thank you for reading and for taking the time to comment. It means so much to me to hear other mamas or women having similar challenges, or hearing that something I've shared has been helpful or resonated with you in some way.

To add to my list of resources, here are 3 more parenting books that you may want to check out. Two of them were written by Heather and Whitney over at the Rookie Moms blog.

The Rookie Mom's Handbook, Heather Flett and Whitney Moss
So you know what newborns don't do? Wake up and say, "Hey Mom. Let's grab a latte and go shopping." This book is specifically designed for first-time mamas and includes 250 fun activities for you to do with (and sometimes without) your baby. I LOVE this book. My own personal copy was left out in the open so often, I once discovered S chewing on it instead of using his teething ring. I previously posted about My Year of Rookie Mom Challenges. All 52 of the activities S and I did during those challenges are listed in this book like go to a mom and baby movie, get your baby's feet painted, or launch Camp Grandma.

Stuff Every Mom Should Know, Heather Flett and Whitney Moss
Want to know how to survive a children's birthday party? Need a list of awesome comebacks for unsolicited parenting advice? Or learn 6 toys that can be found in any house (painter's tape? - check!). You'll find that and more in Heather and Whitney's second book - Stuff Every Mom Should Know. What is so great about the way Heather and Whitney write is that when you read their books, it just feels like a good friend is talking to you and sharing her tips.

How to Con your Kid: Simple Scams for Mealtime, Bedtime, Bathtime--Anytime!, David Borgenicht
The title makes it sound like this is just another joke parenting book, but I just finished reading it, and I was surprised to see it was full of really practical and useful tips for getting your little one to comply. It's probably most useful for children between the ages of 2-7. I'm totally going to start using some of their "get your kid to go for a haircut" cons with S like practicing on some of his favourite toys at home or bringing snacks to the barber shop. I also really like the "get your kid to brush his teeth" and "get your kid to help with chores" sections. I didn't really think that there were "chores" for a 2-year-old, but S can totally put his own clothes in the laundry hamper or bring his plate to the sink.


To celebrate my blog's first birthday, I have two prize packs full of goodies to giveaway (including Heather and Whitney's Stuff Every Mom Should Know book). One prize pack is more mama-themed and the other I hope anyone would enjoy. Each prize pack will arrive in one of these adorable Bear Hugs pouches that I just couldn't resist when I was at Chapters last week. Thanks again for all of your support over the past year as I started this new venture. I look forward to what the next year will bring us :)


This giveaway is open worldwide. All entries will be verified. Giveaway closes Sunday, October 19th at midnight.

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