Friday, 19 September 2014

Happy Friday! Plus some links I'm loving lately

Last weekend, Seb completed his first 5k! Despite a bit of rain, Rob, Seb and I all did the Toronto 5K Walk/Run to support SickKids Hospital. Thankfully, our personal experience with SickKids has been limited so far, but it has become a place too familiar to friends of ours. My friend, Kelly, had her baby very very early, and her little one has spent quite a bit of time in different hospitals over the summer. (Fingers crossed he should be coming home in a few weeks though!!). So, when she and her husband asked us if we'd do the SickKids walk with them, we absolutely wanted to join them. We walked Seb in the stroller, and everyone had a blast :)

More fun things to check out...
We got the first real taste of fall earlier this week. While I'll miss the lazy days of summer, I look forward to the best things about fall: boots, scarfs, warm lattes, and this new sweater from J. Crew (currently on sale!).

I loved looking at these 25 Historical Images that Normalize Breastfeeding, but this article from The Onion about breastfeeding made me laugh out loud!

Video parodies are always kind of funny. I'm Not Fancy is a new one that I know any mamas out there will appreciate.

I mentioned earlier this week that I'm starting to get into photography a little, so I really loved this Perfect Arrangements Series that highlights colour and simplicity. 

If I could have a shopping spree in any store, I would pick Chapters any day of the week. Walking around there is always one of my favourite things to do. Last weekend, I picked up this pillow (also on sale!).

I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend. Rob's having a boys' weekend out of town, but not before I can go out for a quick drink with a friend over at Bite Bar this evening. Their website describes the bar as a place where "cupcakes meet cocktails" so that sounds pretty perfect to me!


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