Monday, 1 September 2014

Baby Shower Brunch #pinterestforthewin

Last week my cousin and I hosted a baby shower for a friend. Our theme was Baby Shower Brunch (hey...we had to be finished the shower by nap time) and were expecting about 20 women to attend. For brunch we set up a waffle bar and served them with salad, parfaits, and the yummiest chocolate caramel cheesecake pops.

To save time in the morning, I made the waffles ahead of time and froze them. Then I just heated them in the oven for 10 mins when the guests arrived.

Pretty much all of the ideas I had for the shower I found on Pinterest. Here's my whole Baby Shower Brunch Pinterest Board.  This is the link for my specific waffle bar inspiration. My table wasn't large enough to label every item on it, so I liked this way of labeling the steps instead.

Waffle Bar
Step 1 - Grab a waffle
Step 2 - Choose a spread
Step 3 - Add some fruit
Step 4 - Pour on the toppings
Step 5 - Eat and Enjoy!

Do you see the fork and knife? They look totally real right? I discovered silver plastic utensils this summer, and I couldn't wait to use them again. I think they add just a bit of extra withitness to your event. I've heard you can get them at Costco, but I found mine at a dollar store.

My cousin organized a baby food tasting game, which I surprisingly sucked at, and another fun game where you had to match the time of gestation in days to different animals. Yeah, African Elephants have an average gestation of 645 days, so when you're 36 weeks along and totally over being pregnant, just be glad you're not an African Elephant, though you may feel like one ;)

Throughout the shower, I encouraged guests to write little messages to the new mama-to-be on diapers and then sent them all home with her at the end.

And, finally, because it was a brunch, I though the perfect favours would be little whiskey bottles filled with maple syrup. I ordered them from the Etsy store Temples Treats, and they don't seem to be available anymore but here is something very similar. I then used baker's twine and blank tags to write a little thank you note to the guests.

And that was it! We had fun, and I know it was a special day for our new mama friend.


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