Monday, 8 September 2014

4 Great Apps When Travelling to NYC (among other places)

When planning our recent trip to NYC, I found 4 apps that were really helpful. If you're planning a trip to NYC, or really anywhere, the apps below may be useful to you too :)

Trip Planner Pro

What this app does:
This app helps you plan your vacation by adding your flight and hotel info plus any excursions or activities you'd like to do. Inside each of the items listed, you can add details like addresses or opening/closing times.

Why I love it:
I'm a 'lists' kind of person, so I used this app to help us organize which places we wanted to see, and which order would work best. It was also nice to have the addresses we needed all loaded into my phone.

Cost: Free


What this app does:
Buy discount Broadway and Off-Broadway show tickets up to 7 days in advance using this app. Tickets will be hand-delivered to you at the venue 30 minutes before the show starts.

Why I love it:
I would say the discounts are similar to TKTS, and this way I could buy the tickets via this app (and the day before the show) without having to trek over to Times Square in the middle of the day.

Cost: Free
Use the promo code YIVZJ for $20 off your first purchase.

New York Subway Map

What this app does:
This app helps you navigate the New York metro system. By entering your starting metro stop, it helps you plan the best route to your destination. The app provides you with the trip duration time, number of stops, and number of line changes.
(Just FYI, the stops with white circles are the stops for the express trains. Local trains stop at both black and white circles.)

Why I love it:
Compared to the Toronto subway, NYC is a whole other ball game. This app was great because I just put in our nearest metro station, and the metro station we were headed to, and all was planned for me.  Once I got the hang of how this app worked, it was super useful. We used it multiple times a day on our trip.

Cost: Free

Bon voyage!
Any other apps you love to use when you travel? The last one I'd add to this lists is Google Photos. I synch it to my phone so all of my photos are backed up regularly to the cloud when I travel!


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