Monday, 25 August 2014

Baby Shower Gift Idea - Mama's Medicine Cabinet

I hosted a baby shower for a dear friend over the weekend, and here's what I put together as her gift - Mama's Medicine Cabinet. I went and got a cute basket and then filled it with the above items we used often while Seb was a baby still use all. of. the. time. I know she'll use each of these items. Plus she can take the basket, toss in some diapers, wipes, a folding change pad, and voilĂ  - instant diaper changing station for another floor in her house.

Idea cred: I wish I could take credit for this awesome idea, but I totally stole it from someone else. I read about it last year via the Rookie Moms, and couldn't wait to make it for someone who I know would really appreciate this type of gift.

If you're not into the DIY version, someone has already done the work for you selling a complete package called Mommy's Medicine Cabinet.

And if you're looking for a great card to go with it, here's my current fav.


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