Thursday, 24 July 2014

Les petits plaisirs - Mama's Got Mail

Mama's Got Mail is a subscription service designed for moms to encourage them to take a little time for themselves within the business of raising a family.

"You take care of them. Let us take care of you...No sippy cups, guy movies, or cleaning products. Only items that support their personal growth, down time, and re-connecting with their 
awesome selves."

Depending on the length of your subscription (1, 3 or 6 months) the price range is between $40 and $50 per month plus shipping. Shipping to Canada is $18. Although the price is higher than I would normally spend on this kind of thing, I really love the concept and wanted to check it out, so I ordered a one-month subscription for July.

At first I was a bit surprised when I opened the box. Only one item? Where's all my stuff? But then I looked at the bracelet closely and quickly fell in love. This is the exact style of bracelet I've been wearing lately. It's called the Tanner Wrapped Cuff from Gorjana & Griffin. It will look great layered with some of the other bracelets I already own (like this one, or soon...this one).

Image from Gorjana & Griffin website
Great pick Mama's Got Mail! Every Mama's Got Mail box also comes with a self check-in. It offers points of reflection and personal challenges connected to the items (or item) in the box. This month's self check-in was about being and feeling lady-like. It described being lady-like as not being dainty and wearing florals, but having character and strength which is always a great message to hear.

The bracelet retails online for $60, but I can't exactly put a value on the self check-in. Overall, I think the box has better value than I expected. Unfortunately, the shipping cost to Canada will prohibit me from continuing, but it was fun to try for one month. I will be bringing my bracelet on my upcoming trip to NYC because it's a perfect summer accessory for the hot weather.


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