Monday, 28 July 2014

Current Shoe Fetish - Tieks

I'm pretty tall. At 6 feet tall and with a husband who's about an inch shorter than me, you won't find sky high heels in my closet. I also have a job (apart from being a mom) that has me on my feet all day, walking up and down stairs, and moving around often. Killer heels, or heels of any kind really, have never been my thing.

I was recently chatting with my cousin who was cleaning out her closet, and she told me she has heels she's never worn but might need "one day" along with heels she never wears except to weddings. I told her I felt the same. I have a couple of pairs of heels that I might wear for 2 or 3 hours a year! We agreed that we can't throw out these shoes because of those 2 or 3 hours we need them. When I'm getting ready to go to work or go out, I'll get all dressed, stare at the shoes in my closet, and grab any pair of flats that I feel kind of go with what I'm wearing.

Enter Tieks. Tieks are a leather ballet flat that are also foldable so they can fit right into your bag if needed. They come in a ridiculous amount of colours and are very comfortable.  What I really love love love about this shoe is that I can wear them with pretty much anything. I can wear them with jeans on weekends when I'm running after the toddler, with pants or skirts for work, or even with a dress to a wedding. You just need a quick peek of the hashtag #tieks on Instagram to see how people are styling their Tieks for any occasion.

(I kind of love the mama in the top right corner who's rocking her Cobalt Tieks at home. Colourful toys for kids and colourful shoes for mama.)

They're great for travelling...

...and I've also said before that I think this oufit would be super fun with a pair in Unmellow Yellow.

Tieks start at $175, so they are an investment. But think of it this way, I have a pair in Slate Grey Croc and wear them to work at least twice a week. That's less than $2/wear in one year. I'm careful not to leave them by the front door, so they won't get unnecessarily banged around, and I know they'll last me a long time. It's a significantly better cost per wear analysis than the $90 pair of heels I have in my closet that I put on once a year and don't feel comfortable wearing.

I'm always playing around with my wishlist on their website. If I'm using the cost per wear rule though, I would love to have a pair in Matte Black because they also would get worn to work on a very regular basis. Plus, my current pair of black flats are being held together with shoe goo. It's my birthday in a few weeks so... hint, hint Rob??

So there you have it, just one more reason to believe that some of the best things in life come in little blue boxes :)


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