Friday, 20 June 2014

Spendid Messy Fridays


The plague has hit our house and work has been over-the-top crazy the past two weeks so that is why there's been a bit of radio silence around here. Work-wise, things are calming down and we're down to only 1 sick person in the house (can you say "man cold"?), so I'm ready to share some of the cool links I've found in the past little while.

Manicure and Pedicure pairings for summer ( I love this little guide. I've got pale pink and dark blue one going on right now.

Bag inside the Bag ( I need to start doing this. Especially in the summer, I seem to change purses much more often, so this will make things easier. I recently picked up these bags from Stella & Dot. One of those will be perfect.

What to pack for a weekend to NYC ( I asked one of my favourite style bloggers what to pack for a summer weekend in NYC. I love her suggestions, and the good tip about the shoes. I've already picked up the "Amazing" Linen Tee from J.Crew.

What I make for dinner when I don't feel like making dinner  ( Ummm so I used two of the suggestions last week already. My new go-to meals.

I've made this dessert twice already this year. It's light and delicious and pretty easy to throw together.

Rise & Shine Sippy Cup - We had to pick up a couple new sippy cups for S lately. I didn't get this one but if he was a bit younger, I totally would have.

Worst End of School Year Mom Ever ( - If you read one of these articles, this one his hilarious! This is exactly me in 4 years. I just know it.

10 Things Moms of Boys Must Do ( It's been a good month for funny stuff. Here's another one.

15 Things about New Motherhood that People are too nice to tell you when you're pregnant - (

See how much it costs to hire your favourite band. I'd better get saving because having Adele come sing me Rolling in the Deep at home is going to run me $750K.

Happy Weekend!

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