Monday, 26 May 2014

Spiderman Birthday Party

I wasn't planning on having a theme for Seb's second birthday, but as I walked the aisles of a party store "just to see what they had", I thought I could probably do a budget-friendly-yet-still-cute Spiderman theme.


The invites were wicked easy. Using some blue and red chalk, I wrote out the invitation information on our chalkboard wall at home. Then, one Spiderman t-shirt later, I had Sebastian stand in front of it so I could take a picture. Finally, using the app Over, I added the top part where it says To: Child's Name and emailed the personalized invites to the mamas of the toddlers invited. The hardest part of this was getting S to stay somewhat still in front of the chalkboard and look at the camera!

The food was pretty similar to what I did last year. To make things even easier, I just picked up cupcakes at the grocery store before the party. I made cupcake toppers with toothpicks and these free printable toppers from Jolly Mom.

I actually have a lot of Spiderman plates and cups left over if we ever do another Spiderman party, or even just to use for fun on a picnic or something.

We used red streamers to make a spider web on the ceiling (thankyoupinterest) and also hung a couple of swirl hanging decorations in the windows. Then we blew up all of the red, blue and silver balloons we had around. I also loaded up our digital frame with pictures from Seb's second year, but then I completely forgot to turn it on.


1 mini-size Spiderman shampoo from the travel aisle at Target
1 mini board book from a set like this one

Thank you cards
I picked up a packet of blank red cards at the dollar store to use and added Spiderman stickers (similar) to the front.VoilĂ ! Instant Spiderman thank you cards.

There you go! A budget-friendly Spiderman birthday party.

So, after everyone went home I realized I didn't take a single picture of the party while our friends were over. Not one. I put my phone down when the first guest arrived and didn't think to look at it again until everyone left. I guess that's a sign of a good party though right? We had fun!


For more modern take on a Spiderman birthday party, check out this post I just came across last week. I actually really like the spiders in the ice cubes idea. I would totally do that if we ever do Spiderman again.

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