Monday, 7 April 2014

What's in Sebastian's Easter Basket?

S' birthday is just a few weeks after Easter, so I'm trying not to go all crazy. Here's Easter will look like in our house.

Spiderman tattoos - S is fascinated with temporary tattoos lately. He talks about them for days after they have washed off. Plus I can cut these up and they fit into the little plastic eggs.

I Spy Bag - I'm not 100% certain, but I have a feeling a homemade version of this very cool toy may be a contribution to the Easter basket from Gran. This Etsy store (The Crafting Corner) has over 50 types of these cute I Spy Bags. There are tiny treasures hidden inside the bag, and the child needs to manipulate the bag to find the little toys that are shown on the attached card.

Who Knows Whose Nose? Game - S and I played this game at a friend's house recently, and I really loved it. It's for ages 2 and up and is a great matching and animal recognition game. It also will be perfect for learning to take turns.

Hot Wheels - I may change my mind and put this away for a bit if I see S chewing the pieces off, but I thought I could try giving him his first Hot Wheels.

Annie's Gummy Bunnies and Chocolate Bunnies - I picked up the Gummy Bunnies at Target to put in the plastic Easter eggs and then got a sample of the chocolate bunnies in last month's Snackbox, so those will be his yummy Easter treats this year.

Once Upon a Potty - At some point this year I'm going to have to bite the bullet and start potty training, so we'll get started with a couple of books. I've heard this one is good too.

I'm always looking for ideas - what are you putting in your little one's Easter basket? Specifically, what are you putting in the plastic Easter eggs? I'm finding that the trickiest part. S loves Woody and Buzz, so Rob was thinking of just printing off a few pictures of the Disney characters to put in the eggs. I actually think S would squeal in delight when he opens an egg and sees those 2 inside, so we may try that.


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