Friday, 25 April 2014

Reasons My Son is Crying

Have you ever heard of Reasons My Son is Crying? It is a hilarious website (and book) from a dad who is documenting all of the reasons his son cries. And he snaps photos of said toddler mid-meltdown. Now other parents also submit photos and captions of their crying children. I'm not kidding. This website is some funny shit.

In the spirit of this website, and since S seems to be particularly cranky as the age of 2 comes upon us, here are 100% true reasons Sebastian has cried in the past 3 days.

- I took the Cheerios off of his plate after he told me he didn't want them.
- His pile of books tipped over.
- I made him sit in his car seat instead of the driver's seat on the drive home from daycare.
- It was naptime.
- I gave him the wrong pickle.
- He had to watch his youtube videos on an iPod instead of the iPad.
- I wouldn't let him push random buttons on the keypad lock of the daycare door.
- We had to turn the iPad off and go to work for the day.
- His orange pyjamas needed to be washed.
- He wanted water when I gave him milk.
- He wanted milk when I gave him water.

Heaven help me. 🍷

Want to try a fun activity? Find a mommy friend who also has a toddler and text each other each time your toddler is freaking out. #miserylovescompany


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