Monday, 21 April 2014

My Spring Wishlist (aka - Mother's Day Gift Guide)

1. The Duchess Necklace - I (heart) Kate Middleton, and she's been seen wearing this personalized necklace. I've been looking for some sentimental jewelery to put Seb's initials or name on, and I love anything that helps me channel my inner Duchess.

2. Gosia Meyer Jewelery has a more delicate version. I'd get mine with an 'r' and 's', but if you had more than one child, you could do their initials together. #supercute

3. Sugar Mama Giftset - I've been eying these yummy bento boxes for awhile. I totally agree with their description of the Sugar Mama box, "Even Superwoman needs a sugar fix." What a fun gift for mama.

4. Stacking Water Waves - I recently used this link to help me colour-block my bookshelf. I think these waves would look great on the bookshelf near the blue books and double as a toy for S.

5. Jo Malone Perfume - I've read that Kate Middleton loves the Orange Blossom and Grapefruit Jo Malone scents. I'm nearly at the end of the last perfume that Rob bought me, so I'd love to try one of these.

6. The Fault in our Stars - Although I've already heard a bit about the ending, people at work keep telling me this book is great, so I think it's next on my to read list.

7. Day Designer - This looks like the mother of all agendas and planners. Each pages organizes your day, offers an inspirational quote, along with a place to write dinner plans, daily gratitude, due dates, and a massive to do list (Can I get an Amen?!). 

I've also highlighted my favourite picks from the Etsy @ Indigo collection here. Any of them would be great Mother's Day gifts.

Feel free to forward this post to your partner with a huge 'hint hint' in the subject line ;) Pregnant mamas - this includes you too!


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