Friday, 21 March 2014

Splendid Messy Fridays

I love this family selfie we took last weekend at Collingwood. We were walking around the Village at Blue Mountain, looking at where S will probably try skiing next year, and there was a March Break concert happening in the background.

And since I am so. over. winter, I've been dreaming of playing outside. I love our cute little backyard, but we have seeded and sodded, and we just cannot get grass to grow well there. We have 2 large trees in our yard that offer much desired privacy during the summer but do not let in enough sun for the grass. So this year Rob and I are thinking of taking a new approach, and this picture is our inspiration. (

Speaking of spring, my boots were starting to look a little rough, so I tried this salt stain remover trick and it worked pretty well. (

Ready for your tear-jerker video of the week? Check out My Beautiful Woman.

The Divergent movie opens today. Find out what faction you'd be in with this Divergent Aptitude Test. I'm not normally into fanfiction, but if you were as upset as I was with the Allegiant ending, here is an alternative. (
Fun fact - Theo James, who plays Four, was also the Turkish diplomat who Mary slept with in season 1 of Downton Abbey!

J Crew spring shopping alert! Here's a splurge I'm dying for (but refuse to spend $240 on), so I'll settle for a new iphone cover because the one I have keeps sliding off my phone.


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