Friday, 14 February 2014

Splendid Messy Fridays - Valentine's Day Edition

I have the day off today so this morning I made Valentine Strawberry Heart Pancakes for the boys for breakfast. Yum!

Have you ever seen the Disney short Paperman? It's a short, adorable romantic story about a man and woman who bump into each other at a train station and then the antics that bring them back together again. It won an Academy Award, so I'm not the only one who loves this video.

Last fall, Refinery 29 did a collection of the Best Love Speeches and today is the perfect day to check them out. There are some classics in here like Mr. Darcy and remember the one from Say Anything, and but my new favourite couple?? J Law and Bradley Cooper.

This week, they also wrote about 11 Healthy Guilty Pleasures that we actually should indulge in. Rob will tell you I have no problem "buying new clothes" so, score!, now there is research to support my hobby!

Want to take try out one of the guilty pleasures listed above? This is a naughty/nice  site to check out. Panty by Post is a subscription service where you get a pretty panty mailed monthly to your door. Go ahead, make the mailman blush.

And if you need a little encouragement, here's a guest post I featured last year on Sex After Baby (10 ways to get your mojo back).

Finally, since love takes many forms, today I also send love to all of my girlfriends. I hope we end up like this one day - 100 Year old BFFs sharing their thoughts on twerking, Justin Bieber, and the new iPhone operating system. 

Happy Valentine's Day :)


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