Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Olympic Celebrations!

The Olympics are in full swing this week. I love watching the Olympics, especially the freestyle skiing, and I am keeping a close eye on our hockey teams. I'm feeling pretty proud of our Canadian athletes so far. We've had such a strong start to the games!

Here are a few things you can do to celebrate the Olympics at home. We'll be trying numbers 1, 2 and 6 at home this week so I'll probably be instagrammin' our efforts @jennasml if you want to follow along.

1. Olympic Ring Martini
I don't love white russians, but I do love champagne so this olympic ring martini looks yummy! Rob and I will sip these one night while we watch the recap of the days events in Sochi.

2. Oympic-Inspired Snacks
I love this snack idea I found on Pinterest because it is so. wicked. easy. Just find any foods that are blue, black, red, green, and yellow and you're done! S doesn't love nachos so instead of the nachos and guac, I think we'll try bananas and grapes.

3. Olympic Rings Collage Craft
S is just a bit too young for this craft, but it looks pretty cool. First you make the Olympic rings using construction paper, and then you do a colour matching activity with any other craft supplies you have on hand and make a little collage on each ring of bits and pieces that are the same colours. I think this would be fun with foam craft paper, tissue paper, pompoms, stickers, etc.

4. Julep Team Canada Nail Polish Set
This is a creative way to support Team Canada during the Olympics. They also have a Team USA set or even a Winter Games Olympic Ring set. Or maybe I'll just wear the Good as Gold Essie nailpolish I have from New Year's Eve.

5. Future Olympian Onesie
This onesie is super cute! If I knew anyone having a baby around either the summer or winter Olympics, this would make the most adorable baby shower gift.

6. Lego Ring Sorting
This activity is more at S' level right now. He loves his Duplo, and we've been practising sorting by colour so this will be a fun activity to try this week. However, I'm just going to print off coloured circles and put them on the floor to save some time.

Go Canada!


PS - Need a last minute Valentine's gift idea for your man? Check out these metallic boxers that come with gold, silver, and bronze waistbands.

PPS - In my Olympic searching, I found out my bday is during the next summer Olympics in Brazil. I'm thinking this would be a super fun way to celebrate. I just need to find a beach....

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