Monday, 20 January 2014

Les petits plaisirs - 13 Happy Things

Here is the next post in the series Les petits plaisirs. My goal for this series is to share things I've found to be little pleasures in life. It could be a quotation, a song, something I like to do, or even just a comfort item. Whatever makes me feel good inside, and I think may make you feel good too.

I had no idea where this picture came from when I first fell in love with it. I think I found it on Pinterest. I love lists, and I love happy things so I thought this was perfect. Upon further research, I've discovered that it's a birthday card that either inspired by or designed by Taylor Swift. Either way, it's a pretty beautiful photo, and I was inspired to make my own list of 13 happy things.

1. a toddler's smile
(photo cred)
2. summer
3. date night
4. afternoon naps
5. a cup of tea
6. jasmine
7. bubble baths with wine
8. Paris (but this will do)
9. parcels in the mail
10. a good book
11. macaroons
12. wearing something that makes you feel amazing
13. family and friends

So that's what's making me happy right now. What's on your list?


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