Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Best Books for Babies

I've previously shared with you the baby toys that got played with the most in our house.  Today we're talking about the best books for our little baby bookworms.

One of my favourite baby gifts we were given for Seb was from my work. A couple days after he was born, instead of sending flowers, they sent a basket of books from Mable's Fables.  We got this little blue and white basket (which we now use for storing toys) full of a dozen beginner board books. Genius. I love reading, and I hope Seb does too. So far so good in that area. He really does have his favourites, and some of the ones listed below have made more than one trip to our 'book hospital' for repair. He loved any kind of 'feely' book with different textures on the pages and especially loves the Little Feet Like book that is a book especially for his feet. Also, we have no fewer than 4 bath books in the mix with our bath toys, and he loves reading them (when he's not sticking them to different walls of the tub).

These were Seb's favourite books when he was under the age of 1.

My picks: For the first few months, my favourites were his favourites. I also got into the habit of reading him right to sleep at nap time, so we often read these:

And if you want to know what life with a baby is like check out The Boss Baby

What were the most read books for babies in your house?


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