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Tina's Top Ten for the Pregnant Mama! {Guest Post}

Today's post comes from Tina over at Little Waves. BigOcean. Bigger Love. She recently wrote about the top 10 items she'd recommend for any pregnant woman, and I asked her if I could share her awesome advice here. So, welcome Tina!

For the most part I had a pretty smooth pregnancy, but there were a few things that helped me along the way and I thought I would share with the other soon-to-be momma's out there.

1. YOGA PANTS.  Did I even need to say it?  I mean yoga pants are any woman's go-to comfy pant but when I was pregnant and not at work, I lived in mine.  I'm surprised I didn't wear them out.  My go-to pair was the lululemon groove pant, the ones I had were reversible and the waist band folded up to cover my whole belly or folded down to wear below my belly.  It being winter and the fact that I'm not really a belly baring kind of girl anyway,  I pretty much always wore them folded up.

2. LEGGINGS.  The best piece of maternity clothing, right up there with the yoga pant is the legging!  This is the perfect maternity piece, you can dress them up or dress them down. The best pair I found were in the states at Pea in the Pod. These black jersey leggings are so comfortable and are the only ones I could find that pulled up all the way over my belly and never fell down, they didn't stretch out at the bum or knees and didn't fade.  They are amazing and even great to wear after baby the super stretchy belly holds your tummy in making you feel a little slimmer after your baby is out.

Now you might be thinking, "Why on earth would I need a yoga strap?!" Well, if your pregnancy treats you as it did me in the last few months, you may look down and notice your poor little tootsies aren't that little anymore. My feet got substantially swollen, and by the end of the day all I wanted to do was lay on the couch with my feet stratight up in the air. This strap was great, I hooked it around the arch of one foot and held the loose ends, while I swear I could sometimes feel the water draining out of my foot and down my leg.

4. BIRKENSTOCKS. Speaking of swollen feet, that brings me to my next pregnancy must-have, Birkenstocks. Now for some, swollen feet isn't an issue while pregnant, but I can guarantee you will at least have sore feet at some point. Unfortunately for me, I had both and what was even more unfortunate was that I was due in March so I had to go through the winter months without any of my winter boots fitting me. Yup! I was officially one of those people who wore birkenstocks with socks. Big, thick, heavy socks, mostly to hide the fact that my feet were so huge, and so you had to look really close to see that, up...I was on the last notch. Who doesn't want to be a hippie for at least a few months of their life anyways?

5. COCONUT OIL. There are hundreds of uses for this magical oil, but using it as a belly moisturizer is key when you have a baby growing inside you. Every morning after my shower and every night before bed, I used coconut oil, not only on my belly, but on my hands that were extra dry, my feet, and even my legs. It made me smell like I was on the beach and kept my skin hydrated and so soft.

6. Recipe for Relief. Now, I just mentioned above that the coconut oil kept my skin hydrated and smooth, but what it didn't do was avoid the terrible pregnancy rash I had to endure for just over two weeks. Now this won't be a useful top item to for many of you out there. In fact, this rash only happens in about 5% of pregnancies, but if it does happen to you, this recipe literally saved my life. Every night I took a warm bath with two packs of Aveeno Oatmeal Bath , laid in it for at least 20 minutes, got out and lightly patted myself dry, stayed naked until I was totally dry, and then applied Aveeno Skin Relief Overnight Cream all over my body. Stayed naked till I felt like that all sunk in, put on loose pj's and tried to sleep. I had to wake up a few times throughout the night and wash certain parts of my tummy, back, and/or armpits with warm water and Dr. Bronner's Organic Peppermint Soap. The peppermint was nice and cooling. Then, when I got up in the morning, I had a shower and rewashed my whole body with teh same organic castile soap, patted dry, applied the Aveeno cream again and waited for it all to sink in before I put any clothes on. I was adamant on this routine. It was the only think I found that gave me an ounce of relief. So, I continued religiously and slowly the rash started to clear up. Two weeks after my initial appointment when the rash was in full effect, I was able to life my shirt to bare a cleared up mid section! Even my doctor was surprised, as this rash is supposed to last until at least the baby is born.

7. PILLOWS. You'd never think how such an everyday item would be so crucial to your sleep every night, but the pillow is just that. I guess I should say 'pillows' seeing as I needed at least 6 to get through the night. Never mind the last month, when my feet were so sore, and I took a big cushion from the couch, and propped my feet up with the hopes that they would be a little less swollen in the morning. Now there is the basic body pillow that is great if you only sleep on one side all night. But if you turn over, it's such a pain to bring the pillow with you and keep the covers on the bed, and it doesn't give you any support on your back, which you would be surprised you would need. I found this crazy one at Babies R Us which gives the between the knees comfort, but likes like it would be even harder to turn over with. Then I found this one, which seemed to make the most sense, but I am picky about what type of pillow I use under my head. I suppose you could just flip it so it connects at your feet instead of at your head, but I also had a hard time justifying buying a pillow for $135.00 just to use for a few months. So, instead I just used three pillows I already had at home and bought three more from the Superstore that were on sale for 9$ each. I placed two at my head, one tucked behind my back, one under my chest, one under my belly, and one between my legs. That way, when I flipped over, I just had to bring the one that was between my legs with me. The only problem I found was that my husband didn't fit in the bed with me.....

8. ONE GOOD MATERNITY BRA AND A COMFY SPORTS BRA. So near the end of your good ones from Lululemon to sleep in, and they have definitely been worth the money cause I've still been wearing them almost everyday since my milk regulated. I find them easier to lift up and and pull down when I'm nursing than the bras with the clips. The flap always got in the way. I could never master the technique of finding the little hook with one hand under my shirt while I held a squirmy baby in the other, and I also felt weird about my boob being framed by I window when I went to feed my baby.
pregnancy, I'd strongly recommend a good supportive maternity bra, but make sure you wait until the end to get one, cause your boobs are just going to keep getting bigger, and when your milk comes in, they will get bigger. You just need one cause you won't wear it for a very long time after your baby is born, but when you need will know. I had to hold up my chest even when I walked down the stairs some days. It was kind of funny. Up until then I just wore sports bras and splurged on a couple of

9. COMPRESSION STOCKINGS. It makes me feel like a grandma just saying 'compression stockings', so I'll just say this, if you have a job that you need to be on your feet - these will help.

10. MINT CHOCOLATE CHIP ICE CREAM AND OREOS. So this one you might not think is a 'must-have' but trust is! Maybe it was just for me and maybe it was because cravign sweets if you are pregnant with a girl was the only old wives take that was true in my case. For someone who rarely ever eats ice cream, or cookies for that matter, this was the ultimate combination. That's all I can say.

Thanks, Tina! What were your 'must-have' items while pregnant? Add them in the comments below. For me, cardigans were a staple item in my closet because I could wear one of the few tops that were comfiest and closest to my belly and just add a few different cardigans in the week. A good pre-natal vitamin to take daily is important too, and maybe also a nearby washroom... I had wicked nausea!

And she certainly didn't ask me to do this, but check out Tina's blog here, and I'm sure she'd be grateful if you showed her some FB love here.


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