Friday, 1 November 2013

My First Diaper Drive {Local Love}

It's November 1st. For many men, this means the beginning of Movember. For many women, this means a month of seeing awkward 'staches every which way we turn (but totally worth it for a really great cause of course).

For me, this November is going to be my first Diaper Drive. I first found out about this idea here from the Rookie Moms website. If you've never heard of a Diaper Drive (I hadn't), basically you try to raise awareness about the need for diapers in your community and round up as many diapers to donate as you can.

The Diaper Bank of Toronto has posted some pretty real facts about the need for diapers in the city. Here are a few:
  • 1 in 5 Canadian moms have experienced diaper need. (In Toronto, the number is closer to 1 in 4.)
  • 24% of Canadian moms cut back on clothing so they can buy diapers. Even worse, 16% cut back on food.
  • Babies are kept in wet and dirty diapers for extended periods of time, leading to increased fussiness and irritation. In extreme cases, babies are using diapers for a full day or disposable diapers that have been cleaned or dried out.
  • This may also lead to babies who cry more, have worse diaper rash, and may be at greater risk for developing infections.
  • A mother's physical and emotional well-being suffers. They report feeling guilty, stressed, like a 'bad mother', frustrated, and anxious.  
The Diaper Bank says that "providing clean diapers provides moms with a sense of pride, joy and connection to their children."

My goal this month is to collect 1000 diapers. They can be new packages, opened packages, or even just loose diapers. Any size will do. Unfortunately, cloth diapers are not realistic alternatives for families experiencing diaper need so only disposable diapers are accepted by the Diaper Bank.

If you'd like to participate (and I hope you do!), you can give the diapers right to me or Rob when you see us, pass them along to someone who will be seeing one of us this month, or you can drop them off at the door of our house even if we're not there. I think the timing is perfect, because I'm so excited to know that a few more moms in the city will be able to spend less time worrying about diapers over the upcoming holidays, and spend more time making amazing memories with their babes.

So bring me your diapers and help a mother out ;)


  1. I think it's great that diapers are recognized as something that are both necessary, and in some cases, financially out of reach for some parents.
    The argument that cloth diapers are not realistic for families using the diaper bank is troubling to me. I know you're not personally responsible for their policies, but for less than $100, a person can purchase all the supplies needed to diaper their child AND hand wash the diapers (in the event they don't have access to sufficient laundry facilites).
    $100 is the equivalent of 2 large boxes of name brand diapers that would last month(s); compared to the cloth ones that could be used for years, reused on subsequent children and possibly even resold for some portion of their original purchase price!

    Each spring, there is a "flats and handwashing challenge" that many mamas participate in to highlight that hand washed, inexpensive cloth diapers (flats) with covers are a perfectly accessible diapering choice.

    Also, there is actually a cloth diaper assistance program as well for people who need help to build up their stash: Cloth for a Cause.

    I'm not sure if you've seen these boxes given out by the Finnish government to each child born there?
    They include CLOTH diapers. The cost savings are INCREDIBLE (no need for a diaper bank), and it saves thousands of diapers from being disposed of in landfills.

    In my opinion, its a lovely thought to help people with supplies to care for their young children, but misguided to do so in a way that keeps them constantly needing more, new diapers, and destroys the planet one poop at a time.

  2. Hi Kimberly,

    Thank you so much for adding some great information about cloth diapers. I totally support cloth diapers as an excellent choice for mamas and little baby bottoms. I had never heard of Cloth for a cause. It sounds great! Too bad there isn’t a chapter in Toronto. I did hear about the wonderful maternity package for new families from the Finnish government. It really is a great initiative.

    I know the Toronto Diaper Bank is cautious about accepting cloth diapers because some laundry facilities and some daycares in the city unfortunately do not accept cloth diapers.

    I am glad to know there are lots of different ways to help families in need.

    Thanks for reading, and I really am so glad you shared your thoughts.