Sunday, 27 October 2013

Run down....

I'm feeling run down. Two months ago I went back to work. In the past 2 months I've had the flu once and a cold twice. Ugh.

I know it could be worse. And I try to remember that. Thankfully (knock on wood), S. hasn't been sick, and Rob is a superdad. Looking ahead to this week, I have 2 extremely long and busy days at work on Tuesday and Friday, Wednesday S visits his new daycare in the morning for the first time, and Thursday is Halloween. So...I'm feeling run down.

I hate this feeling because I feel like I'm being neither a good mom nor a good wife. I am tired and cranky with my son and my husband; which I instantly regret. I just think to myself, if I was only feeling better, I could do so much more, and we'd have so much more fun.

As I watched S play after dinner, counting the minutes to bed time, it dawned on me that he has no idea I'm not feeling great. He's running around screaming and squealing and showing me books and toys. To him, he is having fun. It's just a normal day. This is life when you're one. And maybe he has to scream a little louder or bang me on the head with a flashlight to get any ounce of energy and response out of me, but it's a good lesson to be taught; that this is life, and sick or not, I can still try to make it a normal day.


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